Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.
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I’m really really really really really glad that a whole bunch of dudes accidentally gave us really detailed instruction manuals for how to repel misogynists

I’m a guy and I see these all the time and I’ve read a few of them and it’s all stuff I honestly couldn’t care less about.


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As someone who’s actually made tear gas there’s some more things you should  know.

1. Always wear eye protection if you can.

2. CS gas is the most widely used. It affects your breathing as well as your so if you can wear a gas mask.

3. If you’re going to wear a gas mask you want the get your top straps only a little snug. The two bottom straps on either side of your chin is how you should effectively tighten your mask and also loosen it to take it off. The top straps will give you a headache if they’re too tight so if you find your head hurting loosen them and then tighten the bottom two.

4. Always check your mask before hand. Breathe in and breathe out, then while you’re breathing in again place the palm of your hand over the hole on your filter. You should feel the mask suck on to your face. If it does you have a tight seal. If not then you have a leak.

5. Always clean your mask after each encounter with tear gas. Some of this stuff (usually OC (Pepper spray)) is micro-pulverized. Shit is so fine in it’s solid state that it looks and moves like water. You can clean your mask with just regular soap and water but make sure you never get your filter wet if you can help it. Scrub it by hand or soak it in a soap/water mix. You also want to store your filter in a separate baggy from your mask. You don’t want to contaminate your mask with your filter.

6. Have anti fog already applied to your lens. Your mask will still save your lungs but if you can’t see you might as well have not had one.

7. If you do get hit with tear gas there’s a simple solution to wash it out. First of all don’t panic. It’ll hurt worse than getting an eyelash stuck in your eye but it is only temporary. Get out of the cloud as fast as you can with taking as few breaths as you can. Never touch your face with your hands (EVER) or wipe your face with your clothes after being exposed to it. You can use the solution that’s above if you want but you can also just use soap and water. Soap is a base so it cancels it out. I prefer the no tear baby shampoo (Your eyes are already burning from the tear gas why have them burn from the soap?) and just regular water. Pepper spray (OC) is worse because it also burns on the skin and is oil based. I’ve heard whole milk helps but I’m not sure.

8. If your skin or eyes still burn after you’ve hit them with the water/soap mix spray them again but don’t rinse it off. If you can apply soap to the burning area and just let the soap dry there. You can always wash it off later.

9. BLINK A LOT. Your body is already trying to get rid of this stuff by washing it out. Blink as much as possible. Be aware though that sometimes this stuff hurts so much you will be unable to blink. You still need to try.

10. If you’re exposed to too much of this stuff you may start vomiting. This means you need to get to safety/clean air IMMEDIATELY and try to get as much soap/water mix on and in your body as possible. Never pick up one of the canisters. Theyre very very very hot. Kick them away at the most.

11. A good rule of thumb in general with gases of any kind in an open environment is that if you can cover up the entire scene with your thumb (arm fully extended) by looking at it with one eye. Youre most likely at a safe enough distance. Be aware of wind change though. It’s just a general rule.

So the other day, before the electric run, I went hang gliding and I noticed on their company sign was a picture of Icarus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fitting sign.

My boss is gay and now I have a problem.

So I’m talking to people like I always do and my boss comes down and he’s talking about all the stuff he has to do today and I’m like “Well at least you can mark one thing off your list. You’ve just seen you’re one sexy man for the day.” So he rolls his eyes like he always does and walks away. Did he roll his eyes because I’m not very funny or because I’m not very attractive?

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